So much to do!!

Posted on: June 5, 2011

Today it hit me that I have a lot to do, eek! I feel that if I post what I need to do here, than I won’t forget (or at least hope to not forget).

To Do:

1. Yellow Fever shot ( the one shot that I actually need is the only one I do not have)

2. Bag- figure out if I am taking a suitcase, or a duffle (probably a duffle so I can fit more in!)

3. School supplies- I heard that the quality of pencils/sharpeners are not the best in Tanzania so I want to gather some Canadian pencils/sharpeners before I go and bring them over- if any of you have pencils/sharpeners/school supplies that you no longer need/want, pass them over!

4. Other gifts- For some reason my house has a weird amount of children’s toothbrushes… so I will bring those over as well, and some books/colouring books.

5. Travel essentials (no detail necessary)

Pretty much… if anyone has any supplies that they want to donate to a needing/deserving orphanage in Tanzania, then pass the stuff over to me and I will bring it! I only plan on bringing like a weeks worth of clothing because I can rinse my clothes there, and so I should have lots of room!


PS this is someones video I stole off of youtube that I guess went to Tanzania via IVHQ… my computer is really slow so I haven’t watched the video….I hope its appropriate!!


2 Responses to "So much to do!!"

I expect all videos that you post to have Lion King songs!

I will try my best!

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