Posted on: August 7, 2011

So I went to a doctor on Thursday to see if he can figure out what I was sick with and this is what he thought: he goes to me, “you have tonsilitis” and I respond with “no, that is not possible, I had my tonsils out when I was three years old” and he goes “oh, well your doctor didn’t take out all of your tonsils and do a good job, because there are remnants of them in your mouth and they are infected” and I go “so…. it is not tonsilitis then” and he goes “let me show you” and proceeds to swab my mouth and show me saliva and try and pass them off as remnants… bahahaha T.I.A.

I am on antibiotics and feeling much better, and this weekend I checked out the rich area of Arusha, Njiro, which was pretty. Today I went to the Snake Park and saw a Black Mamba, which I believe is one of the deadliest snakes, and I held a crocodile, a snake, a turtle AND rode a camel… pictures to come.

This week is my last week at placement, and while everyone else here is at an orphanage where they can bring things or buy things, my orphanage is very westernized, so I am not sure what I can give them to contribute (I already gave them diapers and toothbrushes…). I will ask them tomorrow and see if they need anything, otherwise I will see what other orphanages or other schools need, and donate accordingly.

See you all saturday, I may blog again, I may not….



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