Who Am I?

Name: Alana

Age: 22

Born and Raised: Winnipeg

Purpose: This is a blog to document my adventures leading up to my Tanzania journey and hopefully during my Tanzania journey. I am going to volunteer with International Volunteer HQ in an orphanage in/around Arusha. I have been wanting to volunteer forever (since grade 12) but finally decided that I have the proper maturity level. I leave July 13 and come back August 13…. therefore when I get back, this might turn into a tumbleweed blog or just some random thoughts 🙂


2 Responses to "Who Am I?"

Nice blog. Good to read all your posts 🙂

Hey! Nice blog. I know this was a few years ago. I am going to Tanzania with IVHQ and volunteering at an orphanage for 4 weeks the same time you did actually, starting July 15th. I was wondering if you had any advice, like on something I should definitely bring with, or the weather in July. I have celiac so I am also gluten-free so maybe I should try and pack something to help? Haha any advice would help. Thanks!!

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