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So today was my last day of placement…. which means I am currently sad. Cradle gets plenty of volunteers going through which is amazing, but it is sad when the children get attached to one or two volunteers, then they never show up again…. One little girl became attached to me, and when I was saying goodbye today, I had to pass her to a different volunteer so she wouldn’t cry (like she has in the past when I leave for the day, or even go to the washroom).

Leaving Tanzania tomorrow will be bittersweet because as much as I love it here, I do miss some of the selfish luxuries of home (writing that itself is selfish). I definitely took things back at home for granted until I came here, such as power, food, water and showers. I will be more cautious of these when I return, except for the one long hot shower I will be taking when I get home. The people here have been amazing, even if they do grab me at the sides trying to get me to come into their DalaDala. At home it is definitely not normal to say “Hi how are you” to strangers on the street, yet here it is not normal to not say those things… I will miss the “Mambo” “Poa” exchange as well as the “Jambo” “Sijambo.” I will also miss the cheap price of everything, so my value of a dollar has most definitely changed as well.

Cradle of Love, although well funded, can always be more well funded, so if you would like to/have the funds to donate money, you can do it through their paypal page on their website: (sorry for the shameless promotion, once you go to the website and see the babies, you will know why)

I am back Saturday night, so talk to you all then!



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