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Clara during Chakula time

To keep being able to feed these children click HERE


So today was my last day of placement…. which means I am currently sad. Cradle gets plenty of volunteers going through which is amazing, but it is sad when the children get attached to one or two volunteers, then they never show up again…. One little girl became attached to me, and when I was saying goodbye today, I had to pass her to a different volunteer so she wouldn’t cry (like she has in the past when I leave for the day, or even go to the washroom).

Leaving Tanzania tomorrow will be bittersweet because as much as I love it here, I do miss some of the selfish luxuries of home (writing that itself is selfish). I definitely took things back at home for granted until I came here, such as power, food, water and showers. I will be more cautious of these when I return, except for the one long hot shower I will be taking when I get home. The people here have been amazing, even if they do grab me at the sides trying to get me to come into their DalaDala. At home it is definitely not normal to say “Hi how are you” to strangers on the street, yet here it is not normal to not say those things… I will miss the “Mambo” “Poa” exchange as well as the “Jambo” “Sijambo.” I will also miss the cheap price of everything, so my value of a dollar has most definitely changed as well.

Cradle of Love, although well funded, can always be more well funded, so if you would like to/have the funds to donate money, you can do it through their paypal page on their website: (sorry for the shameless promotion, once you go to the website and see the babies, you will know why)

I am back Saturday night, so talk to you all then!



Posted on: July 22, 2011

So I am really not good at this whole blog thing…. getting to a computer is just not high on my priority list, and I would rather hang out or go into town….

This post will be a bit shorter because I don’t have my real journal with me so I don’t really remember what went on… Tuesday was the first real day of placement, and it was good, but long. Many of the children have abandonment issues because of their situation, so constant attention is given. We feed them breakfast (if  we make it there on time haha) and lunch, and they are pretty well fed. Since Cradle is so well funded, these kids are very privileged, which makes me wonder what their lives will be like after they are too old for Cradle. I asked Claire, one of the workers, what happens and some children move onto different orphanages (where I am assuming are up to Cradle standards, since Cradle moves them) or back with their parents. This worries me, because these children are pretty much spoiled as they get 3 full meals a day, have plenty of toys, attention and clothing. I think they will have a culture shock when they are to be moved.

On Wednesday, we went to placement again, and I went to town to exchange money at the bureau- which is always an adventure. In the evening some of us went to Africafe for some dessert (I obviously had ice cream). Africafe is pretty much a starbucks but with more food options, and in Africa….. Some people went to do Karaoke after, but I surprisingly declined..

On Thursday when we got to placement, they needed adults to take some of the babies to the clinic, so I volunteered to do so. The clinic was about five minutes away and very nice. It was a free clinic, and the facilities were legit, with proper scales etc…. And while you are waiting they hand our packages of cookies and juice. The babies needed to go for HIV testing and checkups, but we only had time for one baby to actually get tested. Sometimes testing can be a more than one time thing, and this baby, Irene, had her last test, and she is negative! We left early that day because the babies went to sleep early, which meant there was nothing for us to do, so I slept. At night was Social Night which is when all of the volunteers from homestays come have dinner at the volunteer house, it gets really crowded, but the food is awesome. I had like 4 Chipati…. all I eat here is carbs, and I have had to ignore my intolerance to wheat/gluten because it is barely possible to eat otherwise… I have come to embrace the burn.


Today we dropped off our diapers and hand sani at placement and they werent as thankful as I would have hoped… maybe because it was at a bad time. Today was nice because we got to play outside with the children, which made time go by fast. We left, but this afternoon they are having a Birthday Celebration for all of the July birthdays, and by the set up, it looks really cute.

Tonight there is talk about going for Pizza, so I will probably do that! Tomorrow some of us are going to the Masai Market and Second-Hand market for some touristy things as well as clothing for Safari…. apparently 13 years of camp didn’t sit with me while packing for Africa. Oh well. And on Sunday I am probably going to the Masai Village of one of the security guards at the house… I am excited but not too sure how I feel about seeing a goat being killed (I will shut my eyes probably). I understand it is their culture, so I am not against them doing it, I am against myself watching it 🙂

This was boring, Pole.


p.s. if you want something from the market and have the balls to text a Tanzanian phone number…. then text me 🙂


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Posted on: June 15, 2011

I just wanted an excuse to post…. Here is the World Health Organization’s page on Tanzania, if anyone is interested to see what presents I may bring back for them. Just kidding, this website is actually super interesting. There hasn’t been a disease outbreak since 2007, so I should be okay!







Chik Fever

Posted on: June 15, 2011

Chik fever… also known as Chikungunya fever originated in the lovely country of Tanzania. Does this mean I am more susceptible to contracting it?! I hope not! Although not life threatening, it seems like a pain to deal with, it is one of the many illnesses one can contract from those pesky little mosquitoes.

Anyways…… Today I met with the travel nurse (which was stupidly expensive, by the way) to learn about Chik fever and all of the other fun things I can contract. I went in knowing I needed my Yellow Fever shot, but apparently one needle=an hour speech. I guess it is important to know what to be careful of. I am not worried though, I have all my shots, I am not stupid….. although mosquitoes do have an affinity for my blood.

I go in 29 days (pretty much 28) and I couldn’t be more excited. I ordered a Kindle online, and it came in the mail yesterday, so that is exciting because instead of lugging books upon books, I can lug around this little toy. I also got a cover for it that makes it seem like I am holding a book, so whoever thinks that the Kindle ruins this experience… think again my friends! Journey’s travel has so many fun travel accessories, I will most definitely be going back before I leave.


p.s. I go out of town for 10 days next Friday, so that is going to make time go by extremely fast, yay!


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